A downloadable game for Windows

Hey Everyone! We're Virtual Dwellers, and this is our first big project: Huntress!

We started developing Huntress for a class project, and we are sharing it with all of you starting with an Alpha, we decided to release it to the public to try and get a little bit of feedback!

This is our first original title!

The Demo is still developing and depending on the support we recive we'll plan on making a full game!

If you want to see the development, you can check out in our Website: virtualdwellers.com

Install instructions

Just unzip, play Huntress.exe, and enjoy!


HuntressAlpha.zip (55 MB)


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I have the same evaluation than TEddY g0. I have not a lot to add ^^

thanks for the feedback! This is just a demo we used to present our project, it's still a bit too early on the development but we wanted to share what we're doing! Thank you a lot, seriously! :)


A lot needs to be fixed. At this point it was totally unplayable. The game development team need to put in more effort but good job on arts and the designing team has done a good job.